Become a Member

LLC Wholesale has the goal of providing excellent Customer Service and timely responses to all our orders and clients. If you are ready to become one of our preferred customers, you can start right now the Application Process. Before you begin, please make sure you have on hand:

  • All necessary licenses and certifications that apply (DEA, State, Health, etc)
  • All business information like official address, phone numbers, and fax numbers
  • Owner information
  • Credit references
  • Credit Request Form (see below)

You can download our Credit Request Form (PDF Format) here. Once you download this form, please submit it to our fax numbers at 480-491-4701 and a Customer Service Representative will contact you shortly to finish your request.

Once you provide us with your basic business information, we will begin the New Customer Application process. Remember, we cannot process any requests if you do not provide and sign in full the New Customer Application.